Gate and Keys

Someone thought they didn’t need to pay for a membership to our track and cut the lock off of the gate.  This has cost our club money as we now have to put a new lock on AND have it re-keyed for the 2013 keys just to turn around at the end of the month to have it re-keyed for 2014.

Just a reminder –

  • if the gate is unlocked, lock it
  • if you don’t have a membership and are riding, the gate will be locked behind you and the county sheriff will be called immediately and you will be prosecuted for trespassing
  • every person who rides without a membership takes at least $100 away from our club that will be used to make it better…please help the board of directors by ensuring the gate is ALWAYS LOCKED and non-members are NOT riding!!!

The lock on the gate will be re-keyed on January 1, 2014 and 2013 keys will no longer work.  If you have bought your membership on October 1, 2013 or later you will need to get in contact with a board member to exchange your 2013 key for a new one.  If you go to the dealership that you bought the key you will NOT be able to exchange for a 2014 key as they do not have the list of people who are due a new key.    YOU MUST CONTACT A BOARD MEMBER.  We will make every effort to make the exchange effortless.  Thank you for your business!


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