Feb 2016 News

Hey gang, we have a new moto year upon us!

As we now have equipment, we will be prepping the track regularly.  So far the track has been prepped three times.  The goal at this point is to prep at least every other week.  Just keep an eye on the website, FaceBook, and Twitter for updates.  Track Twitter for the most recent updates as I’ll tweet when I’m prepping.

And as usual, PLEASE keep the gate locked and non-members out!  We will be checking memberships randomly and regularly.  If you are caught riding without a day-pass or full membership, you will be removed from the facility.  If you are caught twice, we will just call the county sheriff and let them remove and punish you!  Keep in mind this is YOUR track that is paid for with YOUR money.  If someone is riding without a pass they are stealing from YOU.

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